Muloqot Cultural Engagement Program

Uzbekistan has entered into a new era of strategic partnerships guided by a leadership keen to implement fundamental reforms to Uzbek economic, political and social practices. The Muloqot Cultural Engagement Program promises to bring the largely unknown national narrative of Uzbekistan to audiences worldwide through literary translation, cinematography, and public engagement– namely that of Abdullah Qodiriy’s O’tkan Kunlar. Through the support of Uzbek diaspora communities, the program will help bring a thoughtful and relatable narrative to a broader readership and elevate the understanding of Uzbekistan among important stakeholders.

Furthermore, the Abdullah Qodiriy Translation project has partnered with the Uzbek Youth Association in America to create a portfolio of Abdullah Qodiriy’s O’tkan Kunlar, Oybek’s Alisher Navoi and Gafur Ghulam’s Farhod and Shirin. These collections of works will be rendered into enhanced eBook formats, developed into children’s books among other multi-media products through the implementation of Kickstarter programs. One noteworthy activity will be sponsored over December/ January 2018-2019 where Muloqot associates will host a YouTube contest for the best rendition of timeless Central Asian songs featured in O’tkan Kunlar— namely Yor Yor and Yigirlaman– where the winner’s performance will be embedded in the subsequent eBook.


Front cover of O’tkan Kunlar as rendered by Qahramon Shohismailov and Kamalodin Mirzaev

Once the catalog is complete, we will initiate further fund raising to publish the works listed above as well as engage in strategic messaging to increase western knowledge of timeless Uzbek literature. The President of Uzbekistan has proposed an Abdullah Qodiriy museum and Jubilee celebrating Abdullah Qodiriy’s 125th Birthday. We plan on working with the Qodiriy family to create an educational program surrounding the museum. The program will over a three year period grow into an intensive training and education program for aspiring Uzbek artists. We hope that the sale of the above materials will help support that effort as well as the activities of the Uzbek Youth Association in America.

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