Muloqot Kickstarter Program

We are engaged in the effort to bring Abdullah Qodiriy’s iconic novel O’tkan Kunlar to life through contemporary media as part of a larger strategic messaging program Muloqot Cultural Engagement Program. Over the next couple of years we hope to add further Uzbek literary works to our program– Qodiriy being the first, logical step in that process.

In keeping with the spirit of Abdullah Qodiriy, we hope to render his work into modern formats, such as the proposed eBook, that even the Jadid Movement would have approved. Money raised will also cover layout and design, completion of artwork, and initial printing costs. Surplus funds will go towards advertising of Abdullah aka’s 125th birthday with potential adverts placed on the New York, DC and London metros as well as widely regarded journals and newspapers. This effort should disseminate Uzbek cultural artifacts to western, main-stream audiences and provide an understanding of a little known part of the world.

Over this past summer I traveled to Uzbekistan to meet with the Qodiriy family to collect audio, video and archival files for the eBook that will put into context the complex cultural milieu of Qodiriy’s 19th and 20th century Central Asia. During our Kickstarter program we plan on holding an online YouTube context where contestants submit their renditions of Yor Yor and Yigirliman– two songs sung during the bridal shower of the novel’s heroine Kumush. The winners of the contest will then be recorded using state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and their performance incorporated into the final eBook. All materials collected will also be donated to the proposed Abdullah Qodiriy museum to further public education programs for both Uzbek citizens and visitors to Qodiriy’s home in Tashkent. The proposed donation will be on April 11, 2019, the 125th birthday of Abdullah Qodiriy. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Uzbek Youth Association in America to further the education of Uzbek youth in America on their most beautiful of homelands.

Your donation represents a great moment in the furthering of Uzbek culture through crowdfunding– an effort that reflects the vibrancy of your community and the ownership of the common person wishing to further the understanding of a spectacular heritage among western audiences. See both the long version and short version of our Kickstarter fund raiser videos: